Ray’s Arithmetic in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we provide students with the opportunity to study the excellent Ray’s Arithmetic series, which was arranged and publish by Dr. Joseph Ray in the 1800s. Our online courses make the content of this series available for free to students, and offer online quizzes, graded assignments and support as well. I. Primary Arithmetic The first study in the series is Primary Arithmetic, which covers the basics of counting and arithmetic facts. This text is intended for students getting started in Arithmetic, ages 5 and above. This study is available in the Academy’s Modern Arithmetic I … Continue

Modern Arithmetic III (88). How to Find Common Prime Factors

In this lesson, we will learn how to find the prime factors common to two or more numbers. To complete the objectives of this lesson, complete the following tasks: Study the lesson for mastery. Memorize the rule given in the lesson. Complete all lesson exercises. Complete the lesson assessment. Lesson To learn how to find the prime factors common to two or more numbers, let us begin with an example problem by which the rule may be understood. 1. What prime factors are common to 30 and 42? Step 1. Write the numbers in line. 30 42 Step 2. From … Continue