Nicomachus, Arithmetic. Lesson 01.

In this lesson, we begin Classical Arithmetic, studying the ancient work of Nicomachus. To complete the objectives of this lesson, complete the following tasks: Study the lesson for mastery. Complete the lesson assessment. Lesson The ancients, who under the leadership of Pythagoras first made science systematic, defined philosophy as the love of wisdom. Indeed the name itself means this, and before Pythagoras all who had knowledge were called “wise” indiscriminately- a carpenter, for example, a cobbler, a helmsman, and in a word anyone who was versed in any art or handicraft[efn_note]See Sirach 38:25-39[/efn_note]. Pythagoras, however, restricting the title so as … Continue

The Order of the Classical Quadrivium

The following is taken from Thomas Taylor’s “Theoretic Arithmetic” (1818)[efn_note]Taylor, Thomas. Theoretic Arithmetic. (1818)[/efn_note] Arithmetic is to be learned the first of the mathematical sciences, because it has the relation of a principle and mother to all the rest. For it is prior to all of them, not only because the fabricator[efn_note]See:[/efn_note] of the universe employed this as the first paradigm of his distributed intellection[efn_note]See:[/efn_note], and constituted all things according to number. But the priority of Arithmetic is also evinced by this, that whenever that which is prior by nature is subverted, that which is posterior is … Continue