Homer and Homeschooling in Ancient Greece

Recently, I have been enjoying an old book on ancient Greek education. In it, the author discusses the early education of Greek children in the ancient world. He explains that the education was based on the writings of the poets, and particularly of Homer. I believe homeschooling parents will find … Continue

What’s the Moral of this Fable?

Study Aesop's Fables in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

In the Academy’s “Aesop’s Fables” course, students are asked to identify the moral of each fable that they read. Sometimes, the moral is pretty clear and all students say the same thing. One fable on which students disagree is the fable of “The Cock and the Jewel“. Read the text … Continue

Christianity vs. Natural Law Politics

Transcribed by https://otter.ai Today is Tuesday, June 29. And I haven’t posted any talks in a couple of days because I haven’t been feeling well, you could probably hear that still in my voice. Thanks be to God, I’m feeling better today. And there’s a topic that I’d like to … Continue

Plato on Life After Death

Socrates on Life after Death

Modern scholars love to present the classical Greek and Roman authors as godless men who promoted all of the immorality in fashion in today’s anti-Christian society.  They are, however, liars.  The wise men of the past were good, and knew many truths without the assistance of divine revelation.  God, according … Continue