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Free Self-Paced Online Courses in the Classical Liberal Arts AcademyThe Classical Liberal Arts Academy works to research, restore, publish and teach the classical Catholic curriculum that was enjoyed by saints and wise men throughout history.  We make this curriculum available to students of all ages through our online courses.  All of our courses are self-paced (no deadlines or expiration dates) and all study materials are delivered directly to students (and parents) through our online Study Center.

Free Enrollment

We welcome all students to enjoy our online curriculum at no cost.  All of the study materials used in our program are available for study, and our online system allows students to mark their progress as they go.    Students may study at no cost for as long as they wish and there is no need to upgrade to a paid enrollment.

Free enrollment is recommended for parents/students learning about the Academy, and for homeschool parents and private schools looking for curriculum source materials.

Paid Enrollment

In addition to our free curriculum study materials, we offer online quizzes, assignment grading and tutorial support for students who upgrade to a paid enrollment.  Please note that students can be enrolled in free courses and paid courses at the same time.

Paid enrollment is recommended for adult students, homeschool parents and private schools looking for help with assessment, records and support in addition to curriculum materials.

Individual Course Enrollment

If a student is interested in one, or a few, of our online courses and would like the additional benefits of paid enrollment, he can enroll in those individual courses.  Enrollment normally costs $99 per course and includes all online study materials, online quizzes, graded assignments, course support, student records and more.

Enrollment Subscriptions

When a students wishes to commit more completely to our curriculum, the number of courses may multiply and at that time it can be best to move to an enrollment subscription plan.  The Student Plan gives a student access to all courses with all the benefits of paid enrollment, in which he remains enrolled until his subscription is cancelled.  If a number of students are to be enrolled, the Family Plan caps the monthly enrollment cost at $100, regardless of how many students are enrolled (parents included).

Premium Subscriptions

If parents would like to provide a student with access to direct tutoring from Mr. Michael, this can be arranged by upgrading to a Premium Student Plan.  For $125 per month, students enjoy 24 hour assignment grading and free live chat meetings as often as they need them.   If this is desired for a number of students, the Premium Family Plan caps monthly costs at $250 per month.

For help understanding the classical Catholic curriculum and selecting courses, the following resources will be found helpful: