Student the Modern Natural Sciences in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Before I began my classical studies, I was a Dean’s list pre-med student at Rutgers University working in a chemistry lab. I love the natural sciences, but I am unhappy with the options I see available to Catholic students. So much more is possible–and necessary. Modern scientists and science teachers commonly abuse the natural sciences and use talk of “science” to promote unproven anti-Catholic ideas among students who have no means examining what they say. Many Christian parents react to this by running to the opposite (and equally false) extreme, neglecting modern natural science studies, or turning to shallow Protestant … Continue

Disputation: Whether modern scientific learning was forbidden in Sacred Scripture?

In his work “On the Advancement of Learning”, published in 1605. Francis Bacon argued that a traditional position on learning held man back from what he was capable of. He spoke of the traditional view as follows: “I hear the former sort say that knowledge is of those things which are to be accepted of with great limitation and caution; that the aspiring to overmuch knowledge was the original temptation and sin whereupon ensued the fall of man; that knowledge hath in it somewhat of the serpent, and, therefore, where it entereth into a man it makes him swell; Scientia … Continue