Euler, Elements of Algebra. Lesson 01

1. Whatever is capable of increase or diminution, is called quantity. A sum of money therefore is a quantity, since we may increase it and diminish it. It is the same with a weight, and other things of this nature. 2. From this definition, it is evident, that the different … Read more

Algebra I, Article 58.

In article 58, we will learn how to subtract one algebraic quantity from another.  Note that Algebra is big boy work and you need to read every line carefully and move forward one step at a time. The lesson begins by showing us two simple examples from Arithmetic to show … Read more

Newman on Modern Students

“The pleasurable excitement of reading what is new is their motive principle; and the imagination that they are doing something, and the boyish vanity which accompanies it, are their reward. They do not like Logic, they do not like Algebra, they have no taste for Mathematics; which only means that they do not like application, they do not like attention, they shrink from the effort and labour of thinking, and the process of true intellectual gymnastics.”

St. John Henry Newman
On the Idea of the University

Algebra I, Article 79. How to Divide One Polynomial by Another

In article 79, we are learning how to divide one polynomial by another.   To master this lesson, you must read SLOWLY and make sure you understand every step in the lesson. First, the teacher shows how two polynomials are multiplied so that we can see how the product is formed.  … Read more

Why Do Signs Change in Algebra? (Article 58)

In article 58 of Algebra I, we read the following rule: Write the quantity to be subtracted under that from which it is to be taken, placing similar terms under each other. Conceive the signs of all the terms of the subtrahend to be changed, and then reduce by the … Read more

Algebra I, Article 53. Adding Similar Quantities with Like Signs

In this lesson, we will begin the study of algebraic addition. To complete the objectives for this lesson, complete the following tasks: Read the lesson from beginning to end for familiarity. Study the lesson for mastery. Memorize the Rule to Add Similar Quantities with Like Signs Complete the lesson assessment. … Read more