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Posts published in “Classical Catholic Studies Journal”

The Classical Catholic Studies Journal is a scholarly publication dedicated to exploring the rich intellectual and cultural traditions of the Catholic Church throughout history. As a journal focused on classical studies, it delves deeply into the philosophical, theological, literary, artistic, and scientific works that have shaped the Catholic tradition and informed its teachings.

The journal publishes original research, critical essays, and book reviews from a wide range of disciplines, including theology, philosophy, history, literature, and the arts. It is committed to fostering intellectual dialogue and promoting a deeper understanding of the Catholic tradition among scholars, educators, and students.

Through its rigorous scholarship and thoughtful analysis, the Classical Catholic Studies Journal aims to deepen our understanding of the Catholic intellectual tradition, enrich our appreciation of the enduring value of classical studies, and inspire new generations of scholars and thinkers to engage with these timeless ideas.

Why are there No Religious Vocations?

Today, I’d like to talk about why there are no religious vocations in the church today. Why are there no religious vocations in the Church?…

The Order of the Trivium & Quadrivium

The talk above, on the Order of the Trivium and Quadrivium, was transcribed digitally by It will be edited as time allows. To help…

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