Classical Mythology: The god Apollo

Apollo is represented as a beardless youth, with long hair, comely and graceful, who wears a laurel crown, and shines in garments embroidered with gold, with a bow and arrows in one hand, and a harp in the other. He is at other times described holding a shield in one … Read more

The Great Schism (1054 AD)

Hagia Sophia

In World Chronology, we have read the history of God’s saving work in the world, from the call of Abraham through to the Christianization of Europe in the time of Charlemagne. Even the terrible Vikings bowed before the Cross. It would seem that in a short time all the world … Read more

William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost

The Date of Love’s Labour’s Lost “Love’s Labour’s Lost” may safely be regarded as the earliest of Shakespeare’s plays. Its composition may be assigned without much fear of refutation to the year 1591, when its author was twenty-seven years old. He had probably arrived in London in search of a … Read more

William Shakespeare, Two Gentlemen of Verona

Picture of William Shakespeare

The Date of Two Gentlemen of Verona Shakespeare’s play “Two Gentlemen of Verona” is said to be one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays. In chronology, it is believed to have been produced after “Love’s Labor Lost” (1589) and “The Comedy of Errors” (1590). In his introduction, Garnett writes that the play … Read more

William Shakespeare, Comedy of Errors

Picture of William Shakespeare

The Date of the Comedy of Errors Shakespeare’s play “The Comedy of Errors” has been dated to 1590 AD, based on internal evidence that includes references to historical events. Among Shakespeare’s plays, it is said to be the second, set between “Love’s Labor Lost” (1589) and “Two Gentlemen of Verona” … Read more

Free Help for Responsible Reading

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The difference between the responsible study of world literature and the idle love of reading is found in the reader’s intentions when reading. The idle reader looks to be entertained and he gives attention to the characters and events of the story. This reading is the equivalent of watching a … Read more