Classical Mythology: Mars

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The Image and Descent of Mars Mars is fierce and sour in his aspect; terror is every where in his looks, as well as in his dress; he sits in a chariot drawn by a pair of horses, which are driven by a distracted woman; he is covered with armour, and brandishes a spear in his right hand, as though he breathed fire and death, and threatened every body with ruin and destruction. Mars, the god of war, who is often seen on horse back, in a formidable manner, with a whip and a spear together. The dog was consecrated … Continue

Classical Mythology: The god Apollo

Apollo is represented as a beardless youth, with long hair, comely and graceful, who wears a laurel crown, and shines in garments embroidered with gold, with a bow and arrows in one hand, and a harp in the other. He is at other times described holding a shield in one hand and the Graces in the other. And because he has a threefold power in heaven, where he is called Sol; in earth, where he is named Liber Pater; and in hell, where he is styled Apollo; he is usually painted with these three things: a harp, a shield, and … Continue

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