Reading Vergil’s Aeneid

Vergil Aeneid Scansion

In Latin Reading III, students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy study Latin poetry. In particular, we study Vergil’s Aeneid. This work was written in a meter called dactyllic hexameter, the same meter in which Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey were written in Greek. Reading classical poetry is difficult because we … Read more

The Teaching of Patriotism

The pupils in Catholic Schools are trained to a two-fold service: the service of God and the service of country. Through the lesson in religion, the truths of God are inculcated, this standard of conduct explained and the true motives for perfect living introduced into young lives. Thus does the … Read more

Classical Mythology: Mars

The Image and Descent of Mars Mars is fierce and sour in his aspect; terror is every where in his looks, as well as in his dress; he sits in a chariot drawn by a pair of horses, which are driven by a distracted woman; he is covered with armour, … Read more

Study Homer’s Iliad in English Literature I

This year, I will be publishing lessons in which I teach Homer’s Iliad in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s English Literature I course. Enrollment in this self-paced online course includes access to all necessary study materials, lesson videos, graded assignments and expert help when needed. A sample lesson is provided … Read more

Excellent Piano Lessons for Homeschool Students

If you’re home-schooling and would like to give your children the opportunity to learn to play the piano, I highly recommend Playground Sessions. Equipment Needed To use the program, you’ll need: a digital piano with a MIDI connection a Windows/Mac computer or iPad Playground Sessions software/app Enrollment Options Individual Subscription … Read more

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