Classical Mythology: Mars

Study Classical Mythology in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The Image and Descent of Mars Mars is fierce and sour in his aspect; terror is every where in his looks, as well as in his dress; he sits in a chariot drawn by a pair of horses, which are driven by a distracted woman; he is covered with armour, and brandishes a spear in his right hand, as though he breathed fire and death, and threatened every body with ruin and destruction. Mars, the god of war, who is often seen on horse back, in a formidable manner, with a whip and a spear together. The dog was consecrated … Continue

Study Homer’s Iliad in English Literature I

Study English Literature I in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

This year, I will be publishing lessons in which I teach Homer’s Iliad in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s English Literature I course. Enrollment in this self-paced online course includes access to all necessary study materials, lesson videos, graded assignments and expert help when needed. A sample lesson is provided above. In English Literature I, we will study the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, the Aeneid of Vergil and the Metamorphoses of Ovid in English translation. To enroll, visit the Academy Study Center. God bless your studies,Mr. William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts Academy

New Classical History Program in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

This year, I am beginning to teach through the history of classical Greece and Rome in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Classical History courses. I will be posting video lessons weekly for high school aged students who would like to study history in a far deeper way than modern high schools allow–and from a Catholic perspective. To get started, enroll in the CLAA Study Center. The first lesson may be viewed below.

Excellent Piano Lessons for Homeschool Students

Playground Sessions is recommended by the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

If you’re home-schooling and would like to give your children the opportunity to learn to play the piano, I highly recommend Playground Sessions. Equipment Needed To use the program, you’ll need: a digital piano with a MIDI connection a Windows/Mac computer or iPad Playground Sessions software/app Enrollment Options Individual Subscription ($17.99/month) Lifetime Individual Subscription ($289) Family Plans Interactive Lessons This program doesn’t simply offer a set of YouTube videos to watch. There are videos that teach concepts, but that’s just the beginning. The software connects to the keyboard and guides students through graded lessons on the keyboard. It teaches students … Continue

Classical Mythology: The god Apollo

Apollo is represented as a beardless youth, with long hair, comely and graceful, who wears a laurel crown, and shines in garments embroidered with gold, with a bow and arrows in one hand, and a harp in the other. He is at other times described holding a shield in one hand and the Graces in the other. And because he has a threefold power in heaven, where he is called Sol; in earth, where he is named Liber Pater; and in hell, where he is styled Apollo; he is usually painted with these three things: a harp, a shield, and … Continue

World Chronology, Lesson 28. Constantine & the Edict of Milan (313 AD)

Study the life of Constantine in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy's World Chronology Course

Jesus Christ gave His disciples a very clear message as to what was to come. It was clear to all that the work ahead of them was not going to be easy. He taught them plainly that they were to seek comfort in heaven and not to expect comfort on earth: “Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.” From the time the … Continue

The Great Schism (1054 AD)

Hagia Sophia

In World Chronology, we have read the history of God’s saving work in the world, from the call of Abraham through to the Christianization of Europe in the time of Charlemagne. Even the terrible Vikings bowed before the Cross. It would seem that in a short time all the world would be renewed and the time of Our Lord’s return would be at hand. However, in God’s mysterious wisdom, the ability to ruin what was accomplished was left to men in the Church. Therefore, while the branches of the Church reached to the ends of the earth, and the walls … Continue