Introduction to History Studies in CLAA Live Classes

“Anything that we learn from history about the chronology of past times assists us very much in understanding the Scriptures.” St. Augustine, On Christian Doctrine William C. MichaelMr. William C. Michael is the founding headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  Mr. Michael is a Lay Dominican in the Catholic … Read more

Freshman History. Hour 1

This lesson is part of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s High School Diploma Program. This program provides students with 120 hours of instruction in high school English, Mathematics, Science, History and Foreign Language, fulfilling modern high school diploma requirements in the most efficient way possible. Objective In Freshman History, a … Read more

Online High School Diploma Program

Beginning in August 2022, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy will offer a complete four year online high school diploma program consisting of the following courses. It is important for homeschool families to understand that Homeschool Accreditation is NOT Necessary and that this program is intended to provide homeschool parents with … Read more