There’s More to College Prep than College Admission

When we look at the admission requirements of selective colleges and universities, we find a list of standard courses that constitute a modern “college prep” curriculum. Harvard University, for example, recommends the following: The study of English for four years: close and extensive reading of the classics of the world’s … Read more

SAT will be Digital, Shorter

The College Board announced that the SAT test will be undergoing a number of changes to harmonize with changing times in education. First, the test will no longer be taken with paper and pencil, but will be taken on computers at testing centers. Note that there is no plan for … Read more

Freshman Mathematics. Hour 2

Complete modern HS Freshman Mathematics requirements in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

This lesson is part of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s High School Diploma Program. This program provides students with 120 hours of instruction in high school English, Mathematics, Science, History and Foreign Language, fulfilling modern high school diploma requirements in the most efficient way possible. Objective In Freshman Mathematics, a … Read more