Homer and Homeschooling in Ancient Greece

Recently, I have been enjoying an old book on ancient Greek education. In it, the author discusses the early education of Greek children in the ancient world. He explains that the education was based on the writings of the poets, and particularly of Homer. I believe homeschooling parents will find … Continue

Why Kids are “Bored”

It’s common for any parent to hear their children complaining that they are “bored” and that there’s “nothing to do”. It may be true, in some cases, that parents aren’t doing enough to provide their children with enough activity. Many parents appear to want their children to be quiet and … Continue

The Duties of Parents

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The duties of parents, as revealed by God and taught by the Catholic Church, should be the concern of all Catholic parents. When undertaking the work of homeschooling, many Catholic parents take up goals that are not appropriate for parents. Many parents speak of “raising saints” or “preparing children for … Continue

Homeschooling Teenage Boys

This transcript was generated by https://otter.ai Today is Saturday, June 19. And I’m receiving more and more requests for these walk talk topics, with questions being sent in every day. And there are a lot of really good topics and questions, and I’m going to try to spend some more time … Continue