In Classical Geometry, students must learn how to study Propositions.  To do this, they must understand the parts of propositions and how propositions work.  THE ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY We see that the title of the classic text on the art of Geometry is Euclid’s “Elements”.  When we begin this study, we find three sets of information provided by Euclid: Definitions Postulates Common Notions, or “Axioms” These are the “elements” from which the art of Geometry is constructed.  Every point we learn about the science of “magnitudes at rest”, will be proven from these definitions, postulates and axioms.  It is recommended … Continue

Euclid, Geometry. Book I, Proposition 1

In this lesson, we study the demonstration of the first proposition in Euclid’s Geometry (Proposition 1.1). The analysis of the proposition is provided below. To complete the objectives of this lesson, complete the following tasks: Review the memorization of the elements of Book I. Study the proposition for mastery. Identify the parts of the proposition. Complete the lesson assessment. Lesson Identify the Proposition studied in this lesson.In this proposition, we are studying Proposition 1 of Book I, i.e., Proposition 1.1. Summarize what has been studied in recent/previous propositions to prepare for this proposition.This is the first proposition. State the proposition. … Continue

Classical Geometry Text Now Available in Print

The text of Euclid’s Elements used in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Classical Geometry course is now available in a large study edition (8.5″ x 11″) for students. Copies can be purchased from Lulu directly. The text is centered on the pages with 2″ of space on all sides for student notes. The cover is a nice, matte paperback that can endure some wear and tear. This is the first of three volumes that will be published, providing everything students need to master Euclid’s famous work. Normally, however, school-age students get through only Books I and II, which are both … Continue