Why are Catholics Studying Socrates and Plato?

It’s common in modern circles to find Catholics talking and writing a great deal about Plato’s dialogues and the “Socratic Method”. The people doing are usually also promoting the “Great Books”–which is always a red flag. For some reason, modern Christian teachers and parents, try to promote “reading” as some … Read more

What is Modesty?

Many attempt to define amd describe modesty in an effort to enforce personal convictions about clothing and behavior. These efforts are usually lazy and shallow. A sound definition for modesty, drawn from the moral philosophy of Aristotle, would be: Modesty is the fear of infamy. Infamy is the evil of … Read more

Aristotle’s Ethics now online!

Dear friends, I am happy to announce that the full text of Thomas Taylor’s translation of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics is not available on the Classical Liberal Arts Academy website. Students no longer need to use the old PDF version that has been available thus far for study. I will be … Read more

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