The Lion Hunting with Other Beasts

A Lion, a Heifer, a Goat, and a Sheep once agreed to share whatever each might catch in hunting. A fine fat stag fell into a snare set by the Goat, who thereupon called the rest together. The Lion divided the stag into four parts. Taking the best piece for himself, he said, “This is mine of course, as I am the Lion;” taking another portion, he added, “This too is mine by right—the right, if you must know, of the strongest.” Further, putting aside the third piece, “That’s for the most valiant,” said he; “and as for the remaining … Continue

The Order of the Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences

Transcript Today is Tuesday, November 30, and this is William Michael, of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. I received a question from a friend this morning that I think is an important question that I don’t believe I’ve I’ve talked about much. I think it’s a topic that may cause confusion, and really may be the source of a lot of the confusion that surrounds classical education. Why are there these fake classical Christian school programs, why is there this wacky talk about “stages of learning”? I think this may may really get at the heart of this issue. And … Continue

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book I, Chapter 1

Return to the Works of Aristotle Return to the Works of Aristotle Welcome to the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Classical Ethics course. In this course, we will study all of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. Translation by Thomas Taylor Every art and every method, and in like manner every action and deliberate choice, appear to aspire after a certain good: Hence, it is well said, that the good is that which all things desire. Of ends, however, there appears to be a certain difference; for some of them are energies; but others of them besides these are certain works. But in those … Continue

Thales of Miletus (640-545 BC)

Thales is said to have been born in the first year of the 35th Olympiad, which would have been approximately 640 BC. He was a Phoenician by descent, and he was the first man to whom the name of “Wise” was given, when the famous seven wise men of Greece had that title given to them. He was enrolled as a citizen at Miletus; but a more common statement is that he was a native Milesian, of noble blood. After having been immersed in Politics, he applied himself to speculations in Natural Philosophy. He studied Geometry and Astronomy with priests … Continue

Faith and Reason: The Source of Classical Education

As we begin our study of the classical liberal arts, we will first consider the philosophy behind this ancient system of learning. Ancient education grew from man’s nature and man’s respons to God’s revelation, that is, through faith and reason. We will see that modern educational philosophies are not alternatives to the ancient system but errors leading men away from sound philosophy and ultimately, true happiness. Return to Understanding Classical Catholic Education We must understand, first of all, that as neither God, truth, nor man has ever changed in nature, true education has never changed either. What has happened over … Continue

Christian Education Should Focus on Philosophy, not Religion

This morning, on the way to Mass, my wife and I had a discussion about our children’s education and experience in education in general. We talked about a topic that I think would be good to share, which I’d like to talk about in in this talk today. And the title may appear controversial, but it’s not intended to be it’s just as we’ll see, a simple reality that I think many of us know to be true, but are afraid to admit, but with a little bit of reflection and discussion becomes very obvious. And it’s one of the … Continue

Wisdom, Happiness and Simplicity of Life

Transcribed by Today is Sunday, June 27, and I’d like to talk about a topic that I was reflecting on today at Mass that I realize is really the the thread that runs through everything that I, that I say and do. Certainly everything that I say in these talks. Certainly everything that I teach, as, as a classical liberal arts teacher, certainly everything that guides my decisions. And I can certainly say that times in my life where I was not thinking, rightly, on this one topic, were the times when I made decisions that I regret. And … Continue