What is Scholasticism?

Scholasticism is a medieval Christian philosophical movement that directed European universities from the 11th to the 17th centuries. It emphasized the use of dialectical reasoning to understand the world and God. This was a departure from the Patristic Age, which was characterized by a greater reliance on the authoritative teachings … Read more

School Studies vs. the Pursuit of Wisdom

For most people, “study” refers to work done while enrolled in school. In modern schools, we are required to complete minimum requirements that serve the interests of secular government, but not of human life. College studies tend to be focused on the minimum requirements of degrees that are sought for … Read more

What is Dialectic?

As you learn about the seven classical liberal arts, you’ll notice a number of different names used to refer to the art of reasoning– “dialectic”, “logic”, “analytics”, or just “reasoning”. These names seem to be used with no distinction, yet they do not mean the same thing. In this video, I explain what “dialectic” is and why we should not use it to refer to the second of the seven classical liberal arts.

God bless,
Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy