Dominican Rosary on Classical Catholic Radio

Dear friends, Beginning at midnight tonight, the Dominican Rosary will be broadcast on Classical Catholic Radio, with meditations on the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. This will be broadcast every night at the same time. Therefore, if you’d like to set some time aside (as I will) to recite the … Read more

Christmas Music Ends on Sunday, January 8th.

Dear friends, We hope that you have enjoyed a merry Christmas and that you’re off to a happy beginning to the new year. Our family enjoyed a most merry Christmas this year. The Christmas season ends this week and we will cease playing Christmas music on Classical Catholic Radio on … Read more

Advent Music on Classical Catholic Radio

Dear friends, Today, I am beginning to add music for Advent, which will be playing on Classical Catholic Radio until Christmas. I am adding Gregorian Chant, Renaissance polyphony, classical music and traditional hymns to the ordinary playlists as we celebrate the Advent season. There will be some Christmas music mixed … Read more

Holiday Music on Classical Catholic Radio

Dear friends, Ready or not, the fall and winter holiday seasons are upon us. Next week, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving (11/24) and, more importantly, Advent Season begins on Sunday (11/27)! Our Classical Catholic Radio station will be adding beautiful holiday music to our normal selection of sacred and classical … Read more

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