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The Order of the Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences

Transcript Today is Tuesday, November 30, and this is William Michael, of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. I received a question from a friend this morning that I think is an important question that I don’t believe I’ve I’ve talked about much. I think it’s a topic that may cause … Read more

The Great Problem of Modern Catholic Education

While we evaluate modern Catholic education, there’s a giant elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Well, we need to talk about it.

Secular Homeschool Curriculum

A secular homeschool curriculum?! In most homeschool circles that sounds like an oxymoron. Most families who have been interested in homeschooling through the years have been compelled by religious convictions that they did not feel were supported by available schools. Today, however, more and more families are considering homeschooling without … Read more

Online High School Diploma Program

Beginning in August 2022, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy will offer a complete four year online high school diploma program consisting of the following courses. It is important for homeschool families to understand that Homeschool Accreditation is NOT Necessary and that this program is intended to provide homeschool parents with … Read more

Faith and Reason: The Source of Classical Education

As we begin our study of the classical liberal arts, we will first consider the philosophy behind this ancient system of learning. Ancient education grew from man’s nature and man’s respons to God’s revelation, that is, through faith and reason. We will see that modern educational philosophies are not alternatives … Read more

The Difference between Mastery and Familiarity in Education

In our studies, there’s a difference between having a good, general education and having an education that prepares us for our duties in life.  We must pursue both simultaneously, and that requires that we understand the difference between mastery and familiarity in our studies. When we consider the chief end … Read more

How to Select Courses

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we do not support the modern K-12 curriculum. We do not believe that the modern 180-day academic calendar should be allowed to limit Christian education. Real classical Catholic study requires far more dedication and toil than modern secular education recommends and Christian students cannot … Read more

Watch “Elon Musk created his own school for his kids” on YouTube

William C. Michael Mr. William C. Michael, O.P. is the founding headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  Mr. Michael is a Lay Dominican in the Catholic Church and is a homeschooling father to ten children, all of whom have studied in the Academy.  He graduated from Rutgers University with … Read more

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