What is Classical Education? (No, Really.)

Classical Education in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

What is classical education? If you’re confused about the meaning of this phrase, don’t think there’s something wrong with you. It’s probably because you’re a reasonable person who’s able to see some obvious problems. Classical Education: Modern Rip-offs With the widespread dissatisfaction with modern schools, it is easy to promote something different. Unfortunately, many have sought to take advantage of parents and students who don’t know any better (thanks to their modern education) and have sold them a modern education program that called by a different name, and dressed up a little. They sprinkle some literature and history on top … Continue

The World Needs Classicists!

When a student sees a lesson in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, they usually see a nice, clean lesson in a modern format, or a carefully chosen book in English translation. That is the end result of the work of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s mission of researching, restoring, publishing and teaching the classical liberal arts. Thirteen years, before the CLAA started, these studies were nowhere to be found. They are not taught in modern colleges or universities, and certainly not in an schools or homeschool programs. Today, they are available to students around the world (for free!) and, to … Continue

Collaborating with the Albertus Magnus Institute

Classical Liberal Arts Academy and the Albertus Magnus Institute

As you may know, I do not make many recommendations with regard to classical Catholic educational programs because most of what is available today is not worth recommending. I have spoken at length about the “Fake Classical Education Movement” and most programs that claim to be “classical” are no such thing. Recently, however, I was contacted by the leaders of a new organization called the Albertus Magnus Institute, who expressed a desire to collaborate. I enjoyed a good conversation with two of the leaders of the Institute, who invited me to serve as a Senior Fellow and teach adult courses … Continue

The Order of the Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences

Image of William C. Michael, Headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Transcript Today is Tuesday, November 30, and this is William Michael, of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. I received a question from a friend this morning that I think is an important question that I don’t believe I’ve I’ve talked about much. I think it’s a topic that may cause confusion, and really may be the source of a lot of the confusion that surrounds classical education. Why are there these fake classical Christian school programs, why is there this wacky talk about “stages of learning”? I think this may may really get at the heart of this issue. And … Continue

Try Live Chat Tutoring

The students who have made the greatest progress in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy have done so using affordable live chat tutoring. When we hear the word “tutoring”, we often think of a child meeting in person with an adult tutor. This may take place after school or on a weekend, at a local library, at school, or in the home. This tutoring is often expensive ($25-80/hr) and inconvenient. The cost and inconvenience often makes it ineffective in the long run. Why Live Chat Tutoring? I have worked for over 20 years as a tutor, working with students after school … Continue