Seeking Classical Catholic Education OFFLINE

In this video, Mr. William C. Michael discusses how Catholic parents can give their children a classical Catholic education without having their children online.

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Confusing Classical Education with Conservative Education

Since the 1990s, Christians–Catholic and non-Catholic–have been promoting “classical education”. I have demonstrated ad nauseam that what these Christians are doing in their schools has nothing at all to do with classical education. What they are promoting is American conservative education and, for some bizarre reason, they are calling it … Read more

Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Our classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is gaining popularity as homeschooling becomes a popular choice for Catholic families who want to provide personalized, faith-based education to their children. The classical Catholic homeschool curriculum emphasizes a deep understanding of language, reasoning, communication, and mathematics, as the foundation for all academic pursuits in … Read more

What is Scholasticism?

Scholasticism is a medieval Christian philosophical movement that directed European universities from the 11th to the 17th centuries. It emphasized the use of dialectical reasoning to understand the world and God. This was a departure from the Patristic Age, which was characterized by a greater reliance on the authoritative teachings … Read more