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Engraving of the child Jesus for the Classical Liberal Arts Academy's Baltimore Catechism resources.

The Baltimore Catechism is a Catholic catechism for American students.  The Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides Catholic families with the opportunity to study the Baltimore Catechism with online study materials, quizzes, graded assignments, progress records and support.

History of the Baltimore Catechism

What led to the publication of this unique catechism?

In the early years of America, Catholics were discriminated against. The newly established public school system was influenced by anti-Catholic Protestants and Progressives who wanted nothing to do with Church authority. The pastors of the Catholic Church were forced to find a solution for Catholic families, and the Plenary Council of the Archdiocese of Baltimore brought the Catholic bishops in America together to solve this problem and several others.

This Council led to the development of the Catholic parochial school system and also provided churches, schools and families with a Catholic catechism intended to protect American children from the influences seeking to draw them away from the Catholic faith.

This Catechism, then is unique in that it is Catholic and American. More importantly, it is composed in traditional question and answer format, making it easy for any to teach and all to study. While some may say that the content of a modernized catechism is better for 21st century students, until something is produced that is as effective as the Baltimore Catechism, it is foolish to abandon it.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we offer three courses teaching the three books of the Baltimore Catechism. Each is described below.

Baltimore Catechism, Book I

Book I is intended for children preparing for First Communion.  It consists of approximately half of the questions that will be studied in Level II.  The book includes all prayers recommended for First Communicants, 30+ Catechism lessons, and traditional Catholic hymns.  Read online…

Baltimore Catechism, Book II

Book II is intended for students preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation.  It consists of approximately one-third of the questions that will be studied in Level III.  The book includes all prayers recommended for students preparing for Confirmation, 30+ Catechism lessons, and traditional Catholic hymns.  Read online…

Baltimore Catechism, Book III

Book III contains the master catechism–over 1400 questions–intended for students who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.  The book includes all prayers to be learned, 30+ Catechism lessons, and traditional Catholic hymns.  Read online…

Baltimore Catechism, Book IV

Book IV is an exposition of the Catechism, written by Fr. Thomas Kinkead and published at the time the Catechism was first published.  It was intended to help Catholic Sunday School teachers explain and teach the Catechism to their students.  The book includes excellent commentary on every question in the Catechism–as they were understood by the authors of the Catechism–an incredibly valuable resource.

Study the Catechism in the CLAA

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we provide complete courses teaching and assessing student mastery of the Baltimore Catechism.  Our courses provide resources to help with memorization, challenging examinations, records of student mastery and more.

For video resources on the Baltimore Catechism, visit the CLAA’s Baltimore Catechism channel on YouTube.

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