Monteverdi and Goals in Catholic Homeschooling

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

The selection above is a musical setting by Claudio Monteverdi for evening prayers (vespers) on the eve of Marian feast days. Monteverdi lived from 1567 to 1643, and composed this work 1610 and dedicated it to Pope Paul V. Monteverdi is important for us as we consider the restoration of … Read more

TAN Academy vs. the Classical Liberal Arts Academy (2022)

Classical Liberal Arts Academy Logo

TAN Academy Background TAN Academy is a new homeschool program operated by the owners of the Catholic book publishing company TAN Books. The program is investing heavily in online paid advertising, and claiming (oddly) to be the “premier Catholic homeschool program”, which is certainly not true (see below). There is, … Read more

How Laura Berquist Misled Thousands of Catholic Families

Back in the early 1990s, Protestants started and spread a false “classical education” movement.  I’m not saying it’s false because Protestants started it, but because it is objectively false.  A document was produced by the Protestant group named “The Ambrose Group”,  titled “The Essential Guide for Parents”.  This document made … Read more

Which is the Best Catholic Homeschool Curriculum? (2022)

Classical Liberal Arts Academy Logo

There are many sources of Catholic homeschool materials, but there is only one program that is actually a (1) Catholic, (2) homeschool, (3) curriculum. That’s the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, which makes real classical Catholic education available to homeschool students of all ages, around the world. We teach the same … Read more