Preparing Homeschool Transcripts

In this video, Mr. William C. Michael of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy discusses the challenges of preparing accurate and meaningful high school transcripts for homeschool students, and provided a detailed demonstration of how he prepares his own children’s homeschool transcripts.

A Mother’s Spiritual Offering

In this talk, Mrs. Dania Michael of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy discusses a homeschooling mother’s spiritual offering of prayer. Mrs. Michael is Catholic homeschooling mother of 10 children, born between 2000-2014. Mrs. Michael studied Classics at Rutgers University and has over 20 years of teaching and home-schooling experience. For … Read more

Another Sample Transcript (Mary)

A few weeks ago, I shared my son David’s high school transcript after he was admitted to college to show how a CLAA education can be translated to a modern high school transcript for college application purposes. This evening, my wife and I completed the transcript for our 18 year-old … Read more

Seeking Classical Catholic Education OFFLINE

In this video, Mr. William C. Michael discusses how Catholic parents can give their children a classical Catholic education without having their children online.

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

A Simple Sample Transcript

Dear friends, We live in North Carolina, about 40 minutes SE of Charlotte. My three eldest have all chosen to do their undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) because Charlotte is a beautiful city they know well, there is a solid ROTC program there, … Read more

How to Teach Young Children

In this talk, I intend to speak to homeschooling mothers on how to teach young children. I want to be very clear about that because the work of caring and teaching young children is almost always the work of homeschooling mothers. Even if children are sent to school, they learn … Read more

Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Our classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is gaining popularity as homeschooling becomes a popular choice for Catholic families who want to provide personalized, faith-based education to their children. The classical Catholic homeschool curriculum emphasizes a deep understanding of language, reasoning, communication, and mathematics, as the foundation for all academic pursuits in … Read more

Why to Watch out for Accredited Homeschool Programs

As a homeschooling parent, you are the legal–and real–administrator of your home school. You can choose what your children will study, you can choose how the subjects will be taught, you can grade their work, you can issue their high school diploma and you can prepare their high school transcript. … Read more