Quintilian on Home-Schooling

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The dilemma parents face regarding the choice to send children to school or arrange for their education at home is not a new one. It was as important 2,000 years ago as it is today. In his work “On the Education of an Orator“, the Roman master Quintilian address the pros and cons on both sides of the issue in a balanced and realistic manner. I’d like to invite Catholic parents to read these words carefully, then consider the questions I ask below. Reading “The time has come for the boy to grow up little by little, to leave the … Continue

Monteverdi and Goals in Catholic Homeschooling

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

The selection above is a musical setting by Claudio Monteverdi for evening prayers (vespers) on the eve of Marian feast days. Monteverdi lived from 1567 to 1643, and composed this work 1610 and dedicated it to Pope Paul V. Monteverdi is important for us as we consider the restoration of classical Catholic education and the real-life challenges we face a parents and students. The patron saint of students is St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who lived from 1568-1591, dying at age 23. Catholic parents often speak of “raising saints” as if this is a matter of choosing. The truth, however, is that … Continue

TAN Academy Review and Comparison (2021)

Classical Liberal Arts Academy Logo

History of TAN Academy TAN Academy is a new homeschool program operated by the owners of the Catholic book publishing company TAN Books. The program is investing heavily in online paid advertising, and claiming (oddly) to be the “premier Catholic homeschool program”, which is certainly not true (see below). There is, however, more misleading advertising that Catholics should be aware of. The company says, “TAN Academy is built and run by the same people who publish TAN Books.” This is technically true today, but it doesn’t mean what it appears to mean. When Catholics think of TAN Books, they think … Continue

Christian Education Should Focus on Philosophy, not Religion

This morning, on the way to Mass, my wife and I had a discussion about our children’s education and experience in education in general. We talked about a topic that I think would be good to share, which I’d like to talk about in in this talk today. And the title may appear controversial, but it’s not intended to be it’s just as we’ll see, a simple reality that I think many of us know to be true, but are afraid to admit, but with a little bit of reflection and discussion becomes very obvious. And it’s one of the … Continue

Mother of Divine Grace vs. the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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Mother of Divine Grace School claims to offer Catholic students a “classical” education, but when examined, it offers none of the subjects that were studied and taught by saints and wise men of the past. On the other hand, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides for them all. There is nothing to compare between these two programs. 1. Does the program teach classical Latin Grammar? Mother of Divine Grace: NOMODG offers Latin courses using Henle’s Latin Grammar, but this text was intended for modern Catholic high schools and does not teach the art of Grammar. Classical Liberal Arts Academy: YESThe … Continue