The FALLACY Of Modern Education (And Why It Works)

As Catholic parents, we have a duty to evangelize our children, to raise them to know, love and serve God in this life. Outside of our relationship, there are billions of influences in the world that will seek to draw our children away from God, to their own service. There are a few influences in the world that will help us, but we will have the greatest influence on our children. The world seeks to separate our children from us, but how can they succeed? How can strangers possibly draw children away from Catholic parents who love them sincerely and … Continue

How Does Tutoring Help a Student?

If you’re a parent, you may wonder how providing a child with tutoring can help. You should be asking questions like: What benefits does tutoring really offer? How does tutoring improve a child’s life? Is tutoring really necessary? Is tutoring worth the money? These are important questions that parents should be asking. The easy answer is NO, generally speaking, tutoring is not productive or worth the money. There are bad, over-priced tutors that are just looking for money. Most are just modern teachers doing modern things, as if more of a bad thing makes it good. Most modern tutoring is … Continue

There’s More to College Prep than College Admission

When we look at the admission requirements of selective colleges and universities, we find a list of standard courses that constitute a modern “college prep” curriculum. Harvard University, for example, recommends the following: The study of English for four years: close and extensive reading of the classics of the world’s literature; four years of a single foreign language; the study of history for at least two years, and preferably three years: American history, European history, and one additional advanced history course; the study of mathematics for four years; the study of science for four years: physics, chemistry, and biology, and … Continue

St. Thomas Aquinas on the Office of a Wise Man

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we study to become wise men. In this post, I’d like to share a passage from St. Thomas Aquinas’ famous work, “Summa Contra Gentiles”, in which he discusses the office, or duty, of a wise man. Enjoy. -WCM “My mouth shall meditate truth, and my lips shall hate impiety.” Proverbs 8:7 1. The usage of the multitude, which according to the Philosopher is to be followed in giving names to things, has commonly held that they are to be called wise who order things rightly and govern them well. Hence, among other things that … Continue

Why are Catholic homeschool students studying books by anti-Catholic authors?

When Catholics find themselves buying books by anti-Catholic authors, they should know that something’s wrong. Hopefully, you’ll give us a chance to explain what it is. If we look around at what’s being sold in the name of “Catholic homeschool curricula”, it’s quite revealing of the deeper problems in Catholic education. There is a disconnect between the Catholic educational tradition of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, etc., and modern Catholic teachers. Catholic schools offer little more than public school programs with private school tuition, which isn’t a plan at all. Catholic homeschool programs offer one of two options: K-12 public … Continue

Online Courses

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy works to research, restore, publish and teach the classical Catholic curriculum that was enjoyed by saints and wise men throughout history.  We make this curriculum available to students of all ages through our online courses.  All of our courses are self-paced (no deadlines or expiration dates) and all study materials are delivered directly to students (and parents) through our online Study Center. Free Enrollment We welcome all students to enjoy our online curriculum at no cost.  All of the study materials used in our program are available for study, and our online system allows students … Continue

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