TAN Academy Review and Comparison (2021)

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History of TAN Academy TAN Academy is a new homeschool program operated by the owners of the Catholic book publishing company TAN Books. The program is investing heavily in online paid advertising, and claiming (oddly) to be the “premier Catholic homeschool program”, which is certainly not true (see below). There is, however, more misleading advertising that Catholics should be aware of. The company says, “TAN Academy is built and run by the same people who publish TAN Books.” This is technically true today, but it doesn’t mean what it appears to mean. When Catholics think of TAN Books, they think … Continue

Mother of Divine Grace vs. the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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Mother of Divine Grace School claims to offer Catholic students a “classical” education, but when examined, it offers none of the subjects that were studied and taught by saints and wise men of the past. On the other hand, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides for them all. There is nothing to compare between these two programs. 1. Does the program teach classical Latin Grammar? Mother of Divine Grace: NOMODG offers Latin courses using Henle’s Latin Grammar, but this text was intended for modern Catholic high schools and does not teach the art of Grammar. Classical Liberal Arts Academy: YESThe … Continue

Enrich Your Seton Homeschool Curriculum

Many Catholic families are getting started with homeschooling and they are anxious about satisfying modern school requirements. Seton Home Study provides such families with a simple curriculum that helps them to do so. However, there’s much more possible for Catholic homeschool families, and you can easily enrich your children’s studies while continuing with Seton. So, while studying in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy may be considered too radical an option, you can easily enrich the Seton curriculum with our self-paced, classical Catholic online courses. Even better, we’re heppy to let you get started for free. Recommended Enrichment Courses CLAA Course … Continue

Which is the Best Catholic Homeschool Curriculum? (2021)

Best Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Today is Friday, June 4. I’d like to take some time today to answer an important question for Catholic homeschool families. The question is, “Which is the best Catholic homeschool curriculum?”  I’m going to emphasize each of the words in that question—Which is the best Catholic homeschool curriculum? The reason why I want to emphasize each word in the question is that if you type that question into Google, and look at the results, you won’t find an answer.  You may find an answer to the question, “What curriculum do I like?”,  “What curriculum do I use?”,  “What are some … Continue

Seton Homeschool vs. the Classical Liberal Arts Academy (2021)

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The most popular homeschool program among modern Catholic families is, by far, Seton Homeschool or Seton Home Study School.  Seton was the first Catholic homeschool program, started in the 1980s, and it serves thousands of Catholic families.  That does not, of course mean that this is the best Catholic homeschool program, only that it is the most popular.   Part I. Thinking about Seton Home Study I.  Seton Homeschool Curriculum Let’s be honest. Seton homeschool isn’t a program for anyone looking for a Catholic education like that enjoyed by the saints.  Very little attention is given to classical Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, … Continue