Breast Feeding Schedule

A breast feeding schedule is an important part of family life. The new baby is not received into an empty home, free from distractions, but into an existing family that is often already busy. The mother is recovering from childbirth, yet needs to bring comfort and nourishment to a child–and may have other children to care for. Wisdom and success in this work brings great good to everyone in the home and requires study and practice, for it is an art. In this article we will discuss the breast feeding schedule. Order of Events In order for a mother to … Continue

Monteverdi and Goals in Catholic Homeschooling

The selection above is a musical setting by Claudio Monteverdi for evening prayers (vespers) on the eve of Marian feast days. Monteverdi lived from 1567 to 1643, and composed this work 1610 and dedicated it to Pope Paul V. Monteverdi is important for us as we consider the restoration of classical Catholic education and the real-life challenges we face a parents and students. The patron saint of students is St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who lived from 1568-1591, dying at age 23. Catholic parents often speak of “raising saints” as if this is a matter of choosing. The truth, however, is that … Continue

Principles of Our Family Life

Today is Thursday, November 4, and this is William and Daniel Michael. This is our third podcast episode, talking together about the practical details of a family life in homeschooling. And in our our first episode we we talked a bit about our family schedule, and what the kids do in their studies, Daniel talked about what she does with the kids during the day. And we’ve got a number of responses from Catholic parents who were interested in the in those practical details. And were asking us to get into that kind of stuff. In more detail, details about … Continue