Free Book! Porphyry’s Introduction

We’re happy to provide Academy students with another newly published book: Porphyry’s Introduction to the Categories of Aristotle. This 3rd century classic is the first book studied in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Classical Reasoning I course. You can download a free copy below, or purchase a printed copy from the Academy bookstore. God bless your studies,Mr. William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts

Classical Geometry Text Now Available in Print

The text of Euclid’s Elements used in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Classical Geometry course is now available in a large study edition (8.5″ x 11″) for students. Copies can be purchased from Lulu directly. The text is centered on the pages with 2″ of space on all sides for student notes. The cover is a nice, matte paperback that can endure some wear and tear. This is the first of three volumes that will be published, providing everything students need to master Euclid’s famous work. Normally, however, school-age students get through only Books I and II, which are both … Continue

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