St. Alphonsus Liguori was Homeschooled

Today, we celebrate the memory of St. Alphonsus Liguori. It is important for us to study the lives of the saints not for trivia, but for imitation. Let us see, first, the care he received from his parents, who made sure to give him the best possible education. This same education is available to our children today in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. William C. Michael

Understanding the Important Catholic Work of Marketing & Sales

Unless you’re independently wealthy and have no need of money, you’re going to need to work. When we look around at the work Catholics are doing, we often find them doing things that aren’t worthy of Catholic workers. How many Catholic women are going to try to sell essential oils or kitchen gadgets? How many Catholic men are going to work for secular companies? Why not work for an end that both provides income and serves a virtuous cause? The Catholic Church teaches that the role of the laity is to direct temporal affairs according to the will of God. … Continue

The FALLACY Of Modern Education (And Why It Works)

As Catholic parents, we have a duty to evangelize our children, to raise them to know, love and serve God in this life. Outside of our relationship, there are billions of influences in the world that will seek to draw our children away from God, to their own service. There are a few influences in the world that will help us, but we will have the greatest influence on our children. The world seeks to separate our children from us, but how can they succeed? How can strangers possibly draw children away from Catholic parents who love them sincerely and … Continue

If it’s “Your Body”, Prove It

It is common today to hear young adults talking about their lives and claiming that their body is their own and they have the right to do with it whatever they please. This may be true legally in many ways, but it is not true morally. You have received your body freely from others. It was conceived by you mother, nurtured through pregnancy, delivered safely with the help of doctors, nurses and midwives, fed during infancy, protected from many dangers, provided for throughout childhood and led into adulthood. While you may make choices that avoid some troubles, you can in … Continue

One Stone at a Time

Dear students, When I meet with students for tutoring, one of the greatest problems they have is that they feel overwhelmed thinking about what they should do in their lives. They see the future as a great mountain that stands between them and happiness, and they don’t know what they should do. The truth, however, is that this great challenge in our lives is not a great mountain. It is actually just a mountain-sized pile of small stones. We cannot move the whole pile, and we do not need to do so. We simply need to move one stone at … Continue

“Joan of Arc” by Lepage

I found this painting of Joan of Arc beautiful, before noticing her spiritual guests. See the description by Muther below. “The scene of the picture is a garden of Damvillers, painted exactly from nature, with its gray soil, its apple and pear trees clothed with small leaves, its vegetable beds, and its flowers growing wild. Joan herself is a pious, careworn, dreamy country girl. Every Sunday she has been to church, lost herself in long, mystic reveries before the old sacred pictures, heard the misery of Erance spoken of; and the painted statues of the parish church and its tutelary … Continue

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