Novena for Impossible Requests

As I always teach in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, Catholic parenting and homeschooling is work that exceeds human strength. Grace is not transmitted like genetics from parent to child and parents have to patiently endure many trials, in love. One popular devotion Catholics can make use of is the “Novena for Impossible for Requests“. This is no easy devotion, but is one worth pursuing for those who feel that their needs are extraordinary, if not impossible. This devotion is to be offered daily for none months. Watch Online How to Pray the Novena Novena for Impossible Requests – First … Read more.

Anglican Chant – Psalm 75

It is unfortunate that no English culture has developed in the Roman Catholic Church. This has led to a false dilemma, about which Catholics fight–one side contenting themselves with nothing and the other ridiculously arguing that the Church should re-install Latin language and culture. Thankfully, the Church has approved of the use of the Anglican Book of Prayer and King James Bible through Pope Benedict’s creation of the Anglican Ordinariate, and beautiful English culture has been made available to Catholics. In these posts, I plan to introduce families to a tradition I have always enjoyed, that of Anglican Chant. Psalm … Read more.