Why English Spelling is So Difficult

This article was originally published in 2010.  The CLAA Petty School, which is referred to in this article is being reproduced in 2021. Impatience is the greatest enemy of education and very few families or schools have the patience to study what is necessary to understand complicated subjects.  We might think of Metaphysics or Logic … Continue

Teaching Good Habits

This is a reprint of a popular article that was originally published in 2010. From my daily interaction with parents, I see many of the common problems they face and the solutions suggested to them by many different sources. However, these suggestions rarely come from the wisdom of Scripture, or from the teachings of the … Continue

Making Reparation for Our Sins

Dear friends, The Protestant Reformation filled the world with a number of false teachings that have become commonly held in modern society.  One of these is the doctrine that Christ has paid the penalty for sins and there is nothing for us to pay.  We simply receive the free gift of salvation, by faith, and … Continue

An Error in Christian Parenting

Dear friends, As a father of ten, with children entering into adulthood (my eldest are 17, 19 and 20) , there’s no question that I look back with regrets, aware of errors I have made as a father.  I thank God that I enjoy good relationships with all of my children, we discuss these things … Continue

Where Do We Begin?

Image of child Cicero for the CLAA Petty School Reading course.

This article was originally posted in 2011. Dear parents, Welcome to the CLAA. I know, it’s very, very different. It doesn’t just seem to be very different. It really is very different from what most people born in the last century understand education to be. I’m not going to deny that it may be very … Continue

Understanding Christian Education

The Classical Curriculum of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

This is a reprint of a popular article published in 2012. If you’re a parent, you are responsible for providing your children with a sound Christian education. Obviously, that includes a sound faith formation program, but what about everything else? Look, for example, at the painting featured with ths article. It is titled “Triumph of … Continue

Why Study Greek and Latin?

Desiderius Erasmus

It’s the 21st centry.  The dominant languages in the world are English, Chinese and Spanish. Why study Greek and Latin? The Classical Liberal Arts Academy maintains the rigorous classical language studies of the Catholic schools of the past and when we use the word “past” we are not thinking 1950s past, but 1600s, 1200s and … Continue

Why Choose the CLAA?

This is a reprint of a popular article published in 2011. I. Tests for Catholic Study Programs Test 1.  Does your study program have historical proof of success? Some schools and study programs try to sell their services by boasting of accreditations, college admissions and standardized test scores.  You should know that every public school … Continue

Why Modern Schools Fail

This is a reprint of a popular article published in 2009. When I say “modern education”, you will probably think you know what I’m talking about–but I bet you don’t.  As I’ll show in this article, schools of every sort, from public schools to Christian home schools are guilty of being “modern” in the philosophical … Continue

Understanding Homeschool Laws

This is a reprint of a popular article published in 2009. Nearly 2,400 years ago, Aristotle explained why a society ruled by laws is better than one ruled by judges.  Read his explanation carefully:  “First, to find one man, or a few men, who are sensible persons and capable of legislating and administering justice is … Continue