When was the World Created?

I have a correction to make in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s World Chronology course. In the course, I list the date of the creation of the world to be 4,000 B.C.  Over Easter weekend, however, a Catholic friend showed me that this should not be the date used in the course.  It is too … Continue

How to Read History

In another article, I explain, “How to Study for Mastery“, which is necessary for real arts and sciences that are worthy of mastery.  More recently I explained “Mastery vs. Familiarity” in studies.  The study of history belongs to both categories, for we would master as much as possible, but, because of the amount of material … Continue

History Studies and Sacred Scripture

by St. Augustine Anything that we learn from History about the Chronology of past times assists us very much in understanding the Scriptures, even if it be learned without the pale of the Church as a matter of childish instruction. For we frequently seek information about a variety of matters by use of the Olympiads, … Continue