Share the CLAA with Friends

When a new family finds the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our first conversations almost always begin with, “We never heard of the CLAA before–and neither have any of our friends.” Our academic work consumes all of our time and we are unable to devote any time or energy to advertising.  We share images and news … Continue

Excuses for Not Studying Philosophy

Many students use interest in college and business as an excuse to neglect classical Catholic studies and do LESS studying and working. In this video, Elon Musk, one of the world’s greatest business leaders and engineers, explains why students should NOT imagine that “going to college” or “getting a degree” for is a reason to … Continue

How to Calculate GPA

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As a homeschool parent, you may wish to calculate a high school student’s Grade Point Average (GPA). 1. Assign Grades To do this you must, obviously, assign your children grades in their high school subjects.  Here’s an example: Subject                 Credits   Grade English              … Continue

Planting Season & Support

Dear friends, If you’re not aware, our family lives on a farm in North Carolina and my wife and I will be planting our vegetable gardens this week, taking advantage of a few days of clear weather. We will not be available for support work during daylight hours (EST), but will be working in the … Continue

Beware of Desperate College Programs

Dear friends, Modern colleges and universities are businesses and COVID has crippled many of them financially.  As a result, many are attempting to generate income by offering all kinds of online programs that serve no purpose.  These schools seek to take advantage of anxieities about college admission and draw students into expensive programs that, in … Continue

Free Lesson Video Content

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Dear friends, In 2021, I will be publishing multimedia content in the form of audio and video lessons to help students work through the classical Catholic curriculum.  All of this media content will be hosted privately on the CLAA website and made accessible for enrolled students without any ads, links to other videos.  This is … Continue

New! Academy Prep Curriculum

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Dear friends, I often criticize modern schools and homeschools serving minimum standards, which are inappropriate for Catholic education–especially in this generation.   What would the ideal classical Catholic college preparatory curriculum look like for the most gifted and dedicated students? On the Academy College Prep page, I have provided my answer to this question. Academy College … Continue

Help with Homeschool Documentation

  Dear friends, In North Carolina, we enjoy great liberty as a homeschool family.  The state of North Carolina respects the right of parents to direct their children’s education, and there is very little interference or trouble from the state once a family registers as a home school. I often hear parents speaking of the … Continue

Let’s Radically Improve Catholic Homeschooling

When it comes to education, especially Christian education, we parents face three great obstacles.  The first is that for many, education is merely a business and decisions are made based on what is most profitable for publishers and educators, not what is best for students. Second, parents are often ignorant of the history of education … Continue