CLAA vs. Catholic Heritage Curriculum

In this post, I’d like to help parents compare the Classical Liberal Arts Academy to  Catholic Heritage Curriculum. Twenty years ago, my wife and I chose to homeschool our children.  We started as most families do–we searched for homeschool products on Google, requested catalogs from homeschool catalogs, and asked friends what they were using.  After … Continue

How to Prepare a Homeschool Transcript

Prepare your homeschool trancript for college admissions.

When children teach the end of their homeschool years,  I often get messages from parents asking about transcripts.   I tell them,  “No, I am not the administrator of your homeschool.  You are.”  Other homeschool publishers like to pretend that they are the school administrators,  and they need to provide the transcripts,  but they do this … Continue

What is the Goal of Education?

A priest catechizes children--serving the goal of education.

One of the causes of the chaos of modern schools and homeschools is false thinking about the goal of education.  The goal of education is not to lead students to practice the skills of wise men or successful professionals, but to teach them the objective content of the arts and sciences needed to do so … Continue

Accepting Our Lot in Life

Picture of Jesus calming the sea.

In the book of Psalms, David speaks of contenment with one’s lot in life: The lines are fallen unto me in goodly places: for my inheritance is goodly to me.  (Psalm 16:6) In modern society, there is often a strong separation between our spiritual lives and our practical lives in the world.  Sure, we may … Continue

Homeschool Accreditation is NOT Necessary

Princeton University logo.

During enrollment season, we get calls and messages from parents asking about homeschool accreditation.  The answer is very simple–NO–for two very simple reasons: First, there is no accreditation agency that measures the standards of a classical Catholic study program.  (If there was, it would be us.) Second (and more importantly), homeschool parents have no need … Continue

How to Create a Homeschool Schedule

A homeschool schedule used in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

Deciding to homeschool your children is a noble decision in this generation.  If you are willing to learn, you will find that you can provide your children with a far better education at home than they could ever receive in a modern school.  One of the first challenges is establishing a productive and sustainable routine, … Continue

The Seven Liberal Arts

Alcuin teaching the seven classical liberal in a medieval illustration. arts

Many coming into the Classical Liberal Arts Academy treat me with suspicion when I speak of teaching the seven classical liberal arts.  Throughout history, the classical liberal arts were the ONLY studies known to Catholics, and the focus of the education of every saint you can name. In fact, the Catholic Encyclopedia, published in 1907, … Continue

The Classical Liberal Arts in Ancient Israel

Photo of Mr. William C. Michael, available for homeschool tutoring.

In the first lesson, we considered the philosophical foundations of the classical liberal arts curriculum and tracked its earliest progress. We saw that God equipped man with a reasonable soul. We looked at the operations of the mind and how the mind relentlessly attacks any and every object of perception. We also looked at the … Continue