Everything You Need to Know about the Seven Classical Liberal Arts

As we begin our study of the classical liberal arts curriculum, we will first consider the philosophy behind the ancient system of learning. We will see that modern educational philosophies are not alternatives to the ancient system but errors leading men away from sound philosophy and ultimately, true happiness. God bless your studies, William C. … Continue

No Lesson Planning Needed in the CLAA

This morning, I realized that for the past 13 years, I have been asked a question by parents and I have answered it wrongly.  The question is, “How much time does this curriculum require?“. When I have received this question, I have thought that parents were asking how much time students will need to complete the … Continue

Catholic Family Movie Recommendations: The Adventures of Robin Hood

We receive requests from parents for recommendations for books, movies and music for children, which reinforce our mission in promote classical Catholic education and culture.  Our family has an incredible amount of resources to share, and I’ll be doing this one by one through posts on the website under the category “Recommendations”.  I am not … Continue

Homeschooling Teenage Boys

This transcript was generated by https://otter.ai Today is Saturday, June 19. And I’m receiving more and more requests for these walk talk topics, with questions being sent in every day. And there are a lot of really good topics and questions, and I’m going to try to spend some more time producing some more videos so … Continue

Learn to Produce Videos on YouTube

Many complain about the internet, television, music, videos, video games, etc., but what these complaints ignore is that the media they demonize is not the cause of the problem.  The real problem is that they are using all of these different forms of media as consumers, being influenced by others, rather than as producers, being … Continue

What Homeschool Mothers Should Study

This transcript was generated by https://otter.ai Today is Friday, June 18. And on my walk today, I’m going to answer a question that my wife asked me to talk about. Question that she’s received a number of times this week from other homeschooling mothers, and which she’d also like to think about. And the question … Continue

What’s “Classical” about Classical Conversations? Nothing.

In my article, “The Fake Classical Education Movement” and “How Laura Berquist Misled Thousands of Catholic Families“, I explained how modern curriculum publishers falsely advertise their study programs as “classical”, using terms and images taken classical Catholic education, but changing their meanings.  A clear example of this can be found in Classical Conversations.  This program … Continue