Recommended: Life of St. Dominic

After many years of anticipation, my wife and I are finally free to pursue what we have discerned to be a vocation to the Third Order of St. Dominic and are currently participating as “Inquirers” in 2021.  I first communicated with the Lay Dominicans in western North Carolina in 2008, but their meetings were almost … Continue

Website Improvements in Spring/Summer 2021

Dear friends, While I am a Classicist by profession, my work has required that I become web developer over the years.  I have had to learn real-time, with hundreds to thousands of students and parents using the websites as I figured out how to present lesson material and assessments as effectively as possible.  I’ve made … Continue

New – Live Video Assessment

Live video assessment is now available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

I’m happy to announce that I will be available for live video assessments with students.  For details, visit the Live Video Assessment page in the CLAA’s Online Catalog. For more videos, please subscribe to the CLAA YouTube channel.

Search and Study the Summa Theologica

St. Thomas Aquinas, author of the Summa Theologica

Dear friends, I have posted the entire text of the Summa Theologica on the Classical Catholic Library in a single, unformatted page to allow students to search the entire Summa with the use of Ctrl+F shortcut on their keyboard.  Having this available provided students with a great resource when they begin writing in higher studies. … Continue

New Petty School Reading Course Now Open!

Image of child Cicero for the CLAA Petty School Reading course.

Dear friends, I’m happy to announce that the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s–new and improved–Petty School Reading course is now open for enrollment. The Petty School courses were extremely popular from 2009-2016 until the video format they used (Adobe Flash) became obsolete on the internet.  This year, we are re-producing the entire Petty School series in … Continue

Free Classical Catholic Library

A picture of old, leather-bound books and strap.

RE:  Free Classical Catholic Library Dear friends, We have entered into our 13th year, giving full-time service to our mission “to research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts.”  We have succeeded in restoring the classical liberal arts curriculum, along with the classical philosophy and Catholic theology studies to make a complete program of … Continue

New! Free Catholic Catechism Program

Dear friends, This week, I will begin opening a program of four courses that lead students through every question of the Compendium of the Catholic Church.  This program will be absolutely free for all students of all ages and, knowing the current challenges many Catholics are facing, will hopefully become a helpful source for Catholic … Continue

Religious Communities Study for Free

Through the years, we have become acquainted with many Catholic religious communities, and have learned of the challenges they face with regard to formation and study among their members.  Traditional Catholic communities often struggle to provide new members with Latin instruction. Active communities often have brothers and sisters traveling about, making it difficult to organize … Continue

CLAA World History Program

Dear friends, My love for history studies began in college, as a Classics major who specialized in Ancient History.  I wanted to know the history of biblical times so that I could read and understand the Bible in its historical context.   In my work for the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, I published the popular World … Continue