Elementary Tutoring with Mrs. Michael

Among the old schoolmasters, it was said that “The beginning is half of the whole.” The first years of education set the tone for all that follows. However, parents often assume that the early years are “easy” and they can teach their children themselves. Some parents certainly can, but many parents cannot–and they learn this the hard way. We often see students struggling in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Arithmetic as they get older because they were not given a good start. Many never recover from their bad beginning. Getting children off to a strong start in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and … Continue

Special Offer! Save $200 on a Premium Student Plan

Dear friends, Interest is growing in our Premium Student Plan because of the availabilityof weekly tutoring meetings, which help students significantly with studyplanning, accountability and encouragement. Summer months are always tight for us financially, so I would like to makea special offer available until the end of July that will allow a parent to enroll a student in the Premium Student Plan for a full year and receive 2 months free. That is a saving of $200 per year. We can only afford to make a few of these available, so if you’re interested, please claim yours as soon as … Continue

Enrollment Levels in the CLAA

In this message, I’d like to help you understand the different forms of enrollment available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  Parents cannot force real classical Catholic studies on their children, and there’s no amount of money that can buy Wisdom.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we prepare the path for students to enjoy these blessed studies, but we require that students prove themselves one step at a time. The enrollment plans we offer are intended to serve students as they prove themselves and commit to classical Catholic studies over time. 1. Free Enrollment We know that our all of the information … Continue

Tutoring & Videos Coming Soon (Important)

Dear friends, In recent months, I have been unable to host online meetings or publish teaching videos on account of two obstacles not in my control. First, my house has become a very busy place as my children enter adulthood and are in and out of the house between college semesters, jobs, military activities and more. I no longer have a quiet home office to work from! Second, living in rural North Carolina, our internet service has become unreliable and incapable of supporting the online work of the Academy. You have likely noticed the effects of these troubles in recent … Continue

NEW! World History, American History & High School Program Info

Dear friends, I have two important announcements to share, which I ask all parents to read carefully. First, due to the demands that will be made on me to manage students enrolled in the Academy’s High School’s Diploma program, I will only be allowing students enrolled in the Premium Student Plan to participate in the high school program, and I will be working with them directly as a tutor.  I did not initially intend to do this, but I would really like to help students gain admission to selective college and make good use of their classical Catholic studies. Second, all of … Continue

New Academy Apparel

Yesterday, on the way home from our afternoon workout, my eldest son told me, “Dad, you need some new gym clothes.” I looked down and realized I was wearing an old pair of swimming shorts and a cut-off shirt whose origin I didn’t even know. He was right; I need some new gym clothes–and, of course, I wanted some CLAA apparel. So, I’d like to share some new CLAA apparel that I’ll be wearing myself: t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts. I’ll be making more available this summer–clean, classy stuff. If there’s anything specific you’d like, let me … Continue

Aristotle’s Ethics now online!

Dear friends, I am happy to announce that the full text of Thomas Taylor’s translation of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics is not available on the Classical Liberal Arts Academy website. Students no longer need to use the old PDF version that has been available thus far for study. I will be linking all lessons in the Study Center to this text to make study much more convenient. In the future, we will be republishing all of the texts used in our courses, in online, PDF and printed versions. God bless your studies, Mr. William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts Academy

Aristotle’s Prior Analytics PUBLISHED!

I am happy to announce that I have re-published Taylor’s translation of Aristotle’s Prior Analytics in a number of useful formats for students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. This is the most important of all studies in the classical liberal arts, and we now have a searchable, working text on the Academy website–and a printed edition to keep in hand. Ours is the only online source for Taylor’s translation. Links to the online text and printed text are posted below: I will continue to improve the formatting of the online copy, making it more and more easy to use. … Continue

Printed or digital lessons?

In managing the work of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, I am constantly tormented by questions about HOW we should deliver content to students. Thankfully, for us, the question of WHAT is settled, but the question of HOW is a practical challenge that depends on many factors outside of our control. Realize that I’m the one who chose to study classics and ancient history as a teenager in college. I live a quiet life on a farm. If anyone loves books and simplicity, it’s me. I would love to run a print-based study program, but I don’t believe that it … Continue

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