Aristotle’s Prior Analytics PUBLISHED!

I am happy to announce that I have re-published Taylor’s translation of Aristotle’s Prior Analytics in a number of useful formats for students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. This is the most important of all studies in the classical liberal arts, and we now have a searchable, working text on the Academy website–and a printed edition to keep in hand. Ours is the only online source for Taylor’s translation. Links to the online text and printed text are posted below: I will continue to improve the formatting of the online copy, making it more and more easy to use. … Continue

Printed or digital lessons?

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In managing the work of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, I am constantly tormented by questions about HOW we should deliver content to students. Thankfully, for us, the question of WHAT is settled, but the question of HOW is a practical challenge that depends on many factors outside of our control. Realize that I’m the one who chose to study classics and ancient history as a teenager in college. I live a quiet life on a farm. If anyone loves books and simplicity, it’s me. I would love to run a print-based study program, but I don’t believe that it … Continue

Financial Aid is Always Available

Providing for the education of our children is a challenging task. To begin with, we are required to pay for their education during a phase of life when money is hard to come by. Second, financial circumstances outside of our control often put us in a bind–some being temporary and some permanent. As parents of ten children, we understand all of these practical challenges and have helped families in every imaginable situation, including: young families in “survival mode” single-income families with tight budgets missionary families overseas religious brothers and sisters graduate students with young children adults organizing private schools faith … Continue

Free Classical Catholic Preschool Program Coming in 2022-2023

Since 2009, the “Petty School” courses created for young children have been among our most popular courses. These courses, unfortunately, were produced using a now obsolete video format and no longer offer the quality experience they originally did. Seeing the continued demand for resources for young children, and learning from past experience, I am going to re-make our Petty School courses, teaching the little ones with classroom videos that they can enjoy. I intend to begin making videos this week and will be adding new versions of the Petty School courses as I do so. To avoid missing any announcements … Continue

Free Teacher Training Program for Homeschool Parents and Private School Teachers

Learn to teach the classical Catholic curriculum in our free teacher training program!

For REAL classical Catholic education to be restored, parents and teachers have a lot to learn. In 2009, I published a course titled “Praeceptor Training”, in which I introduced parents and teachers to the history and principles of the classical Catholic curriculum. It was a very popular course that helped many families get started in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. In 2020, I collected those old lessons together and made them available in the free book, “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“. In 2022, I am planning to publish a much more comprehensive program for parents and teachers in which I will … Continue

Learn English Composition the Right Way in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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If you were taught to write in a modern school, it’s likely that you didn’t like your writing classes and never felt that you were learning how to write. You felt this way because it was true. Modern schools attempt to teach writing in a way that is artificial and contrary to the natural way we communicate with others. We find great pleasure in sharing our ideas with others by speaking because we talk about topics we’re interested in, about which we have knowledge, and we talk with people whom we believe are interested in what we have to say. … Continue

Student the Modern Natural Sciences in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Study the modern natural sciences in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Before I began my classical studies, I was a Dean’s list pre-med student at Rutgers University working in a chemistry lab. I love the natural sciences, but I am unhappy with the options I see available to Catholic students. So much more is possible–and necessary. Modern scientists and science teachers commonly abuse the natural sciences and use talk of “science” to promote unproven anti-Catholic ideas among students who have no means examining what they say. Many Christian parents react to this by running to the opposite (and equally false) extreme, neglecting modern natural science studies, or turning to shallow Protestant … Continue

Enjoy the Wisdom of Aesop’s Fables

Study Aesop's Fables in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The need for wise moral teaching is more important than ever for our families. We need to be immersed in wholesome moral lessons, which supply with constant content for discussion and meditation. One of the best sources history provides us with is Aesop’s Fables. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we offer students the opportunity to study Aesop’s Fables and provide lesson videos, graded assignments, student records and expert support. A sample lesson is available above. He that walketh with the wise, shall be wise. Proverbs 13:20 Our course on Aesop’s Fables is one of our most popular courses. To … Continue

Learn to Read Classical Greek

Learn to read Greek in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

In God’s Providence, the language of the world at the time the Catholic Church was established was Greek. The Apostles, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote the books of the New Testament in Greek and read a Greek translation of the Old Testament, known as the Septuagint. The greatest ancient philosophers–Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras–all wrote in Greek. Greek is the original language of ancient philosophy and Christian divine revelation! I invite you to study Greek with us in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. We will be studying the Gospel of St. John, the writings of Aristotle. The course includes access … Continue

Study Homer’s Iliad in English Literature I

Study English Literature I in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

This year, I will be publishing lessons in which I teach Homer’s Iliad in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s English Literature I course. Enrollment in this self-paced online course includes access to all necessary study materials, lesson videos, graded assignments and expert help when needed. A sample lesson is provided above. In English Literature I, we will study the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, the Aeneid of Vergil and the Metamorphoses of Ovid in English translation. To enroll, visit the Academy Study Center. God bless your studies,Mr. William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts Academy