Offline Study Resources Developing

Parents often complain to me that they don’t want their children online, don’t like technology, prefer printed study materials, etc, as if I invented the internet. They seem to ignore the reality that I’m the classicist in the room, who devoted his entire life to ancient studies! I prefer printed … Read more

Sample of Live Class Meetings

Dear friends, In January, I began offering two weekly live class meetings–one for Aesop’s Fables and one for Latin studies.  A sample recording of one such class meeting can be seen above. I have been pleased with these live class meetings and am preparing to move forward with more live … Read more

New! Class Meetings in 2023

I am happy to announce that in January 2023, I will begin arranging live class meetings for students of all ages. I ask that all interested parents watch the video above, where I discuss these meetings. Class Meetings Additional classes will be added–and requests are appreciated. Costs How Do Live … Read more

Wrapping Up the Fall Term (Important)

Dear friends, With a much needed Thanksgiving break behind us, we can dig in for 2-3 more weeks of study before the end of the 2022 Fall term. The Academic calendar on the Study Center labeled December 16th as the last day of the Fall Term, but I will continue … Read more

CLAA Apparel from Lands’ End

Attractive and durable clothing is hard to find for children today, but the Classical Liberal Arts Academy has partnered with Lands’ End to provide Academy families with the perfect solution for quality apparel. We have selected a collection of shirts, sweatshirts and more, all of which are available with an … Read more

Classical Catholic Bookstore

When I was in college, I started a small bookstore that allowed me to purchase school textbooks at a discount for myself and my classmates. The bookstore work I did started to get the attention of others and I began selling books to friends, churches and homeschool families. It was … Read more

Non-Profit Classical Liberal Arts Society Established

Dear friends, Since our founding in 2008, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy has operated as a privately-funded, for-profit business. Through the years, the Academy’s mission has developed and has provided us with a number of opportunities to extend our work to a number of activities that go beyond the scope … Read more