Original CLAA Petty School Videos are Back!

Jubilate Deo! I am happy to announce that over Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to learn how I can save the original Petty School videos I had produced in 2008 and make them available again. All of the original Petty School lessons will be restored for Petty School Reading, Writing and Arithmetic courses. What Happened? In 2008, I produced three courses for pre-school aged children that introduced them to the ideas they would need to make a good start in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. These courses were extremely popular, and were enjoyed by thousands of children. However, the … Continue

New Searchable Self-Help Library

Dear friends, To help parents and students find quick answers to common questions, I have made a new “knowledge base” or searchable self-help library available. You can access this resource using the “Help” link in the top menu on the website, or by going directly to: https://classicalliberalarts.com/knowledge-base. Hope you find this helpful. God bless,William C. Michael

No CLAA Support on Thanksgiving Day

Dear friends, The Classical Liberal Arts Academy office will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 25th, 2021. All normal support services will resume on Friday, November 26th. God bless your families,William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts Academy

Study the Art of Classical Music

When we look at the four arts of the ancient “Quadrivium”, we find: Arithmetic Geometry Music Astronomy Schools that claim to be “classical” in this generation pretend as if four of the seven classical liberal arts can simply be ignored. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, all SEVEN of the seven classical liberal arts can be studied, including the art of Classical Music. In Classical Music, we study the classic work of Boethius “On Music“. This work was composed in the 6th century by the Christian scholar Boethius who worked to translate Aristotle’s works into Latin and compile all of … Continue

Correspondence Studies

If you are a Catholic parent who would like to give your children a classical Catholic education but are not interested in having your children study online, you may be interested in correspondence studies in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. This option is available to students enrolled in our Premium Student Plan. What are Correspondence Studies? Correspondence Studies are studied conducted privately and offline between me and an individual student. Rather than having a student access study materials and resources on the Academy website, I provide the study materials to a parent (or student) by email, on a weekly basis, … Continue

Try Live Chat Tutoring

The students who have made the greatest progress in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy have done so using affordable live chat tutoring. When we hear the word “tutoring”, we often think of a child meeting in person with an adult tutor. This may take place after school or on a weekend, at a local library, at school, or in the home. This tutoring is often expensive ($25-80/hr) and inconvenient. The cost and inconvenience often makes it ineffective in the long run. Why Live Chat Tutoring? I have worked for over 20 years as a tutor, working with students after school … Continue