Focusing on Classical Studies (Important)

Dear friends, One problem I speak of frequently is the tendency for Catholic homeschool families to drift away from challenging classical studies and allow the homeschool to degenerate into modern grade level studies.  I have to resist this in the Academy because it is not our mission. I see many students in the Academy who … Continue

Free Book! Life & Labors of St. Thomas Aquinas

The greatest advertisement for the Classical Liberal Arts Academy comes from the lives of the Saints.  Throughout Church history, there was only one system of learning studied and taught by the saints, and that was the classical liberal arts.  We can trace this education throughout life of St. Thomas Aquinas–both as a student and a … Continue

Join the CLAA on Social Media

Dear friends, Modern social media provides us with excellent channels of communication, which Mrs. Michael and I use daily, communicating with thousands of Catholic friends and colleagues.  I strongly recommend that parents make use of these channels to enjoy convenient communication with us and hundreds of other Academy families. Please take some time and like, … Continue

2021 Family Plan Special

2021 CLAA Family Plan Special

Dear friends, Every summer I offer families the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars with the popular CLAA Family Plan Special. Thanks be to God, I am able to do so in 2021. The Family Plan Special provides a family with 12 months of basic enrollment services for the price of only 10 months. That’s … Continue