Grammar School Starter Set

$900.00 $400.00

For young students getting started in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, or older students who need a pleasant beginning, we recommend the Grammar School starter set of courses, and offer them together at a discounted rate.

Purchase the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Grammar School Starter Set and enjoy discounted enrollment in the following courses:

  • TRV-094 Handwriting IV
  • TRV-101 Latin Reading I
  • TRV-102 English Grammar I
  • QRV-151 Modern Arithmetic III
  • PHL-101 Aesop’s Fables
  • THL-101 Daily Scripture Reading
  • THL-111 Baltimore Catechism II
  • ENR-101 World Chronology

Please note that this offer, if selected, is not refundable.  See individual course pages for course details.


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