Drawing I


Learn the art of Drawing in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s online drawing course.  Please note that this course is intended to serve an an enrichment course for students studying in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

The beginning in drawing is best made with the images the child has already formed in his mind, and then extended to more definite and concrete forms. As much as possible he should be guided into reproducing images from his own life and experience. The following outline is not intended to limit but to suggest the lines of drawing that can profitably be followed in these grades. The teacher must use her own judgment to a large extent, both
as to the amount to be used and the order in which it is given.

General Outline of First Year Drawing.

  • Drawing from memory and the imagination
  • Illustrating stories and bits of poetry
  • Drawing representing action
  • Drawing of trees
  • Drawing in connection with number, language and nature work
  • Color work

(D.R. Augsburg)


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