Private Consultation


  • Have questions about the Classical Liberal Arts Academy?
  • Wish to discuss course selection for a new student?
  • Interested in discussing homeschooling?
  • Need help preparing records for graduation or college admission?
  • Confused about your children’s education and looking for some advice?

Schedule a private phone consultation meeting with Mr. William C. Michael, headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

Note:  At time of consultation, please call: (980) 699-5575.

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  1. Avatar

    Karen Patterson (verified owner)

    It was a pleasure speaking with Mr. Michael! He took the time to answer all of my questions and provided very helpful information!

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    Julia Whittington (verified owner)

    Mr. Michael was very friendly and reassuring. He took the time to address my questions, give advice and reassurance from personal experiences.

  3. Avatar

    Lissete Corrales (verified owner)

    Mr. Michael addressed all of our concerns and gave us plenty of time to ask any questions we had. We were very happy with the way the meeting went and look forward to speaking with him again in the future.

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