Understanding Classical Catholic Education

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1 review for Understanding Classical Catholic Education

  1. 4 out of 5

    Diane McGettigan (verified owner)

    I stumbled upon Mr. Michael’s content on Youtube a few weeks ago and have been perousing his content with great interest for the last couple of weeks. I am very intrigued by his homeschooling offering. His work “Understanding Classical Catholic Education” is concise and clear introduction to the history of education in the Church which clarifies the use of the term “classical”. I feel I am in a slightly better position to answer the question “what is a Catholic Classical education”. Two ideas stood out two me: that educational reformers in the 1900s knew that the classical method of education was better and that direct contact with plants with animals through traditional family life was a much better school for the sciences; and secondly, I found it startlingly liberating to learn that the Ancients weren’t that fussed about gaining wisdom through the natural sciences because whatever knowledge they gained would quickly become obsolete. My husband and I have degrees in biology (he ecology and conversvation, human biology) and we both remark that the knowledge we both gained in our studies is already out of date and how frustrating that is. I never imagined that there was a possibility that our child (and ourselves to be frank) would have been better served by and education which prioritised the humanities on the basis that whatever we learn in the humanities will serve us for much longer than what we learn in the natural sciences. For this suggestion alone, I am grateful to Mr. Michael. The book would benefit from some revision as there are a few secretarial errors which, were they corrected, would polish the work. I think it is important that parents are aware that they should not expect to find a description of what is taught in the Classical Studies at the Catholic Classical Liberal Arts Academy. For that content they should perouse Mr. Michaels YouTube Channel and watch some of the published live lessons.

  2. William C. Michael (verified owner)

    Thanks for the feedback. This book is in revision now as I intend to add a few chapters with details of the curriculum and course selection. God bless your studies. -WCM

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