McNabb, The Church and the Land


In more than 40 short essays, the de facto “chaplain” of the Distributist movement tackles subjects as diverse and yet unified as industrialism, morality and economics, working conditions, and the role of the state in shaping and defending viable economic conditions.

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Fr. Vincent McNabb (1868-1943), Dominican theologian and social critic of 19th- and 20th-century England, is the author of numerous classics of spirituality and history, including Nazareth or Social ChaosThe Catholic Church and PhilosophyChurch and ReunionCraft of PrayerFaith and PrayerGeoffrey Chaucer, and many other works.


  • Reflections on Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P. -Hilaire Belloc
  • Introduction -Dr. William Fahey
  • Preface -Fr. Vincent McNabb
  • A Call to Contemplatives
  • First Things First
  • Form A1
  • The Cry of the English
  • “The Voice of the Irish”
  • Why Satan Wins
  • St. Thomas Aquinas on Town Planning
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • The Problem of Unemployment
  • A Challenge to Modern Industrial Methods
  • The Decay of Dancing
  • The Economics of a Riot
  • The Economics of the Exodus
  • The End of the Wage System
  • Do It Ourselves
  • The British Association and the Wage System
  • The Incubus of Industrialism
  • Looking Towards the East
  • The Modern Town and Birth Control
  • Nazareth Measures
  • Nature and Unemployment
  • The New Industrial Charter
  • A Grammar of Unemployment
  • Authority and Property
  • The Arrival of a Fact
  • Rights of the Parent
  • Agricultural Mass Production
  • A Window in Wisbech
  • Wisdom at Cardiff
  • The Widowed Land
  • Souls and the Land
  • The Social Need of Flying the Occasions of Sin
  • Is It Socialism?
  • The Joy of Poverty
  • The Land and Unemployment
  • Land-Work and Hand-Work
  • Industrialization of Land
  • What Wilt Thou Have Me Do?
  • The Two Kings
  • To the Child in the Manger
  • The Adventure of the Land
  • Some Thoughts on Reading Fr. McNabb -Dr. William Fahey

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