Clarise Burgandy Premium Knit Maxi Skirt


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The Clarise Burgandy Premium Knit Maxi Skirt is an Inherit Design, and designed especially with you in mind!  This all season long skirt has a thick elastic waistband that lends to a secure, confident feeling.   As soon as you feel this skirt, you will agree that it is a notch above your average knit skirt, especially with the included built-in knee length lining! Wooo!  This burgundy skirt gathers under the waistband to ensure a modest, flattering fit.

* Style: Straighter fit long skirt, no slit, partially lined, optional maternity
* Material: 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
* Color:  Burgundy
* Length:  39 inches
* Care Instructions: Hand wash. Follow instructions on garment.

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