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The Latin Vulgate Available in Print

The Latin Vulgate is available in the Academy Bookstore for $5 (PDF) or $40.00 (print).

What is the Latin Vulgate?

The Latin Vulgate is a translation of the Bible into Latin that was first produced by Saint Jerome in the late 4th century AD. It was widely used throughout the Western world during the Middle Ages and Renaissance and continues to be used today by scholars and researchers in the fields of theology, history, and linguistics.

The Latin Vulgate was commissioned by Pope Damasus I in the late 4th century to replace the various Latin translations of the Bible that were in use at the time. Saint Jerome was tasked with creating a single, standardized version of the Bible that could be used throughout the Western Church.

Saint Jerome worked on the Latin Vulgate for over 20 years, completing the translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew and Aramaic sources and the New Testament from Greek sources. The Latin Vulgate became the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries and has had a profound influence on Western culture, language, and thought.

Today, students who enjoy a classical education can also enjoy using the Latin Vulgate as their everyday study Bible, as I do.

William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The Latin Vulgate is available in the Academy Bookstore for $5 (PDF) or $40.00 (print).
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