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Recommended: “My Way of Life” by Fr. Walter Farrell, O.P.

Dear friends,

In our Lay Dominican chapter, we are currently reading and discussing a great little book, which summarizes and applies the teachings of the Summa Theologica. I recommend it to CLAA parents because it introduces many of the key concepts of the Summa and provides a helpful introduction to the ideas your children may be digging into in their Academy studies.

You can purchase a copy of this affordable little book on Amazon:

If you do get a copy and read it, please share your thoughts in the comments below. As I said, my wife and I are currently reading this book with our Lay Dominican brothers and sisters here in Charlotte. As I write this, we just finished chapter 5 of part I on the Angels, which provided plenty for discussion today.

God bless,
Mr. William C. Michael, O.P.
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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