What the Roe v. Wade Decision Has Revealed

It has been impossible to avoid the arguments online coming from those upet by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. What is most amazing to me are the crazy self-contradictions that come out of the months of the pro-Choice crowd. The apparent absence of all reason is shocking.

This morning, I listened to a man arguing that the battle for abortion rights is “not for women to fight alone”. It appears that children IS a battle for women to fight alone, but not the battle for the right to kill them.


Women argue that a woman has the right to “control her body”, but the cause of the abortion crisis is largely the refusal of women to control their bodies.


Another woman was arguing that now, a woman whose boyfriend is beating and raping her can’t get the help she needs. Isn’t the imprisonment of her boyfriend the help she needs?


Beyond this insanity, however, the real problem is being revealed. Generations of women have been trained to accept horrible mistreatment from men and to see abortion as their parachute. The men who abuse women are protected from the punishment they deserve by a wornan’s access to abortion.

How many women have been forced into sexual relations by employers and have accepted it because, well, an abortion can always put an end to it?

How many women have been pressured into sexual relationships by boyfriends who have told them that they can have an abortion if anything happens?

How many women have been raped and chosen not to press charges because they were content to have an abortion and let that be the end of it?

Abortion is, more than anything, a means by which evil men get away with abusing women throughout American society. This week’s responses to the overturning of Roe v. Wade have revealed this.

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