The World Needs Classicists!

When a student sees a lesson in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, they usually see a nice, clean lesson in a modern format, or a carefully chosen book in English translation. That is the end result of the work of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s mission of researching, restoring, publishing and teaching the classical liberal arts.

Thirteen years, before the CLAA started, these studies were nowhere to be found. They are not taught in modern colleges or universities, and certainly not in an schools or homeschool programs. Today, they are available to students around the world (for free!) and, to be honest, I think parents and students take this access for granted.

Here’s an image of what a book looks like that I have to work with on a regular basis:

A screenshot of a 17th century collection of the works of Aristotle in Latin and Greek, used in the production of Classical Reasoning lessons in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

When Christians ask, “Why do we need to study the classical languages?”, they don’t realize how much their daily lessons depend on the active study of these languages behind the scenes. Many important works, on which the restoration of classical Catholic education depends, are unavailable in English translation. They are sealed books to all men except those who study the classical languages. Future classicists are the only ones who will be able to bring about the needed renewals in Christian learning and culture.

The Church and the world need classicists more now than ever before.

William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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