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What about Funding the Garden?

When we first began gardening as a young family on a single income, I was confused over how to fund our beginning family garden.  At the time, my husband explained to me what to do, and it worked!  I asked him if he could write up an explanation I could share with other families who would like to begin growing some of their own food, but who are on a limited income.  Below is his response.

When you buy quality groceries, you are obtaining food in the most expensive way, at the end of the distribution chain. If you spend $200 per week at the grocery store. You are spending that money to buy products that have been grown, harvested, packaged shipped and handled before you get them, with the profits of each step factored in.

If you’d like to move from groceries to fresh garden products, how can you afford to do so? The answer is in your FUTURE grocery budget. You have to sacrifice to make the first investment in the development of your gardens, but once you do, you will reduce your spending at the grocery store and use that money for your gardens.

Why this is better is that money spent on gardening is spent on seeds that multiply. If you purchase one sunflower seed for your garden, it can produce a plant with 1,000 to 2,000 seeds. If you purchase one heirloom tomato seed, you can grow tomatoes from it for the rest of your life. So, money spent on gardening is spent much more profitably than money spent at the grocery store. Besides this, you’ll gain 100 other benefits: healthy exercise for yourself, work for your children, a beautiful garden for your home, and much more.

You may not have land to grow all of the fruits and vegetables you need, but that doesn’t matter. You can eliminate SOME of your grocery expenses and make better use of that money by investing it in seeds and plants. You can maintain a small vegetable garden, or care for potted plants on a deck, balcony or in doors. It will be money well-spent and will provide an enjoyable hobby and natural home decorations.

The money you need for gardening is found in your grocery budget.

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