Translation Exercises – Important

Dear students,

There is simple but important change I need to make in the way we write our translation exercises, which are, of course, one of the most important tasks to do in our studies.

In our Latin translation exercises, I have always taught students to set English articles in brackets to mark that they are not actually found in the Latin text.  We have written translations as follows:

in [the] beginning 

In the new exams that I will be posting this year, we cannot use brackets when answering fill-in questions.  So, from now on, we will mark articles and other additions in our translations with simple parentheses.

in (the) beginning 

Of course, when you take exams, you can always leave the brackets off–I will make sure that is accepted as a correct answer. However, if you DO wish to mark the articles, you must do so with parentheses or your answers will be marked wrong by the system.  

I’m sorry for this goofy little change, but it is required by our new testing service, which is going to be wonderful.

God bless you all,

Mr. Michael

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